Vertiv is a global leader in designing, building and servicing critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities.


With a lean training team, Vertiv needed a tool that would be easy for SME’s to use in a decentralized way to complete the initial recording and potentially build their own content. Vertiv has almost 50 SME’s throughout the organization who build content. This is then centrally reviewed, relatively quickly, for QA and publishing. An overly complex tool that required all training content to be developed centrally was a non-starter.

“The UPK conversion process was so easy using Opus it accelerated our migration off Oracle UPK in eQMS."

“Because of the ease of use of Opus for the Canon subject experts, they could also produce the content which is so more valuable for us, in that the users document the process and any changes”

Kasper Kuijper,

QA Project Manager


Opus provided Vertiv with a cost effective solution that gave them the capability to import the up caseUPK content that they exported as ODARC files. This gave them the ability to import individual topics and huge groups of topics, such as entire books of content, within minutes, not days. The Opus tool was extremely helpful in converting their thousands of documents into UPK in an efficient and effective manner.


Canon Medical had several Key Business Objectives including improve employee performance and increase user adoption. These objectives were mirrored in Learning offerings:

Increased Go-Live Production Year Over Year

Multiple go lives starting in early 2020 and continuing through 2022 .

Increased Usability

Rollout through the company resulted in over 100,000 logins to Opus in 2021.

Company Wide Adoption

Due to ease of use and turnaround time on producing multiple documents ,additional departments + applications requesting to use Opus.

Reduction of Time and Money

Opus allowed Verti to increase their time to deployment while completely removing the need for local infrastructure/servers. We were able to upgrade from Oracle EBS to Fusion and convert over 1,000 UPK documents with ease.

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