Online Capabilities Statement

Epilogue is a Rapid Adoption Solution

Software Documentation and Embedded Application Support for any Windows or Web-based application

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An integrated platform for the creation, management and delivery of context-sensitive help to end users

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What the experts and studies have found


Achieving your strategic outcomes involves your critical systems

 This means your people need to use those systems as intended ... all the time

Reduce project timeline risk ... Reduce cost of on-boarding ... Leverage to all key applications ...

Shorten time to competence by up to 50% ... Reduce omissions, errors & rework by up to 50% ...

Reduce help desk calls by up to 40% ... Reduce training time by up to 50% ... Reduce documentation time by up to 90%

Get the most from your applications by getting the most from your users

... quickly, easily, affordably




Epilogue works with any Windows or web-based application, here's just a few.